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Photo: © Evelin Frerk .

Welcome to the ZWoCKHAUS

ZWoCKHAUS' mission is the promotion and rediscovery of works of composers and lyricists who were persecuted, expelled and murdered by the Nazi regime. We are particularly interested in exploring songs and texts that were part of the program of the cabaret in Terezin.

To ensure that we perform only original texts and music our work is based on intensive research and includes musical regeneration, harmonization and arrangements.

Der Zwock

Daheim hat man mich tituliert
Ganz allgemein als Schmock,
Doch hier bin ich nun avanciert
Und zwar gelt ich als Zwock.

Kommt nach Theresienstadt ein Jud,
Dann kriegt er einen Schock,
Doch mir gefällt es hier recht gut,
Deshalb gelt ich als Zwock.

Um Linsensuppe spielen wir
Des Abends dann Tarock -
Ich streng mich an, dass ich verlier -
Deshalb gelt ich als Zwock.

Am Freitag bürst ich gründlich aus
Den guten Schabbesrock -
Ich bin hier frömmer als zu Haus -
Deshalb gelt ich als Zwock.

Man machte - so hab ich gesagt -
Zum Gärtner hier den Bock -
Drauf haben hundert mich geklagt -
Zum Glück gelt ich als ZWoCK.

Hans Hofer

The Zwock

At home, people referred to me
In general, as Schmock.
Indeed, I like it better here;
I am now addressed as Zwock.

Comes into Terezin a jew,
He's in a state of shock.
I like it here, it's really true,
That's why I'm called a Zwock.

And every evening we play
- for lentil soup - Tarock,
I try to lose each time I may -
That's why I'm called a Zwock.

When Friday comes; I do crew out
The good old Sabbath frock -
At home I was much less devout -
That's why I'm called a Zwock.

They want - I said without restraint -
To pass for truth a mock.
And hundreds started to complain -
I'm glad I rate as ZwoCK.

Transl. B. M. Eggert

German spelling for the Czech slang expression «cvok» (madman). At Terezin, every mentally disabled person was called a Zwock, and the psychiatric ward in E VII (Cavalier Barracks) was colloquially referred to as the «ZWoCKHAUS».